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A timeshare is when a property is divided among multiple owners, each owner has the right to use the property for a specific time period, usually a week, on an annual or biennial basis. After a resort property is built, the developer divides the units in to equal time-intervals. The units are then marketed and sold, giving the buyer access topampering and upscale accommodations on the property for their given week. Most timeshares are sold in weekly intervals, though some resorts have longer time periods such as one twelfth or one quarter of year ownership. Still other properties operate on a points-based system, where the owner purchases a designated number of points that can be used like currency to “buy” vacation days in any unit size and at any resort within the points system, and typically having flexible time options to book a reservation.

After the initial purchase price, timeshare owners are required to pay annual maintenance fees; these maintenance fees will vary from one resort to the next, and cover the cost of property management, repairs, supplies, and maintenance. This provides upkeep for the resort and ensures that your resort stays the way it was when you purchased. Ownership rights can vary, and some of the more common scenarios are as follows; a fixed week is when the usage falls on the same week every year. There are fifty two weeks in the calendar year, and weeks are numbered from one to fifty two. If you own week four, you will use your timeshare the fourth week of the year, every year, guaranteeing the usage for the owner. A floating week is a week that is not designated, and can be reserved subject to availability. Usually there is a specific period of the year, or season, in which the floating week can be used. Owners of floating weeks are encouraged to book their reservations well in advance for greater availability. Some resorts keep what is called a rotating week schedule; this type of ownership rotates the week you own each year, based on a fixed week schedule. This means, on a three year rotation, you may use week nine for the first year, week twenty five the second year, and week forty nine the third year, with the fourth year back to week nine.

With all the available types of ownership, it is important to do research about what type of timeshare will work best for your travel and vacation schedule. No matter which Florida timeshare resale you choose, the associates at Buy Florida Timeshare are sure to make it easy to sell, buy or rent a time share in Florida.

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