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Source: Travel News, January 2011

Vita Vie Retreat; translated: Vita is “Life” in the Italian Language and Vie is “Life” in the French Language…this Italian/French influenced resort is a fitness & lifestyle retreat offering programs for men and women of all ages to get in shape, adopt a healthier lifestyle, reduce stress and lose those extra pounds and inches.  The goal at Vita Vie Retreat is to educate and motivate guests and arm them with the proper information to continue a healthy fitness regimen that will fit into each person’s unique routine at home and during every day life.

Vita Vie has been offering fitness retreats, weight loss camps & active, healthy vacations since 2005.  These unique programs offer a real life outlook that is easily maintained and offers a way to transition into the real world after a retreat experience. 

Are you a Marriott Rewards Points holder?
Marriot time share and resort owners can use Marriott Rewards points for a room at the retreat.  This option offers clients the ability to save on the room and pay for the program only. All Marriott Rewards reservations must be booked directly through Marriott and guests must have a Marriott Reservation Confirmation to book with the program.

Marriot owners, time share owners and vacationers from all around are learning to connect their mind with soul and becoming better people by doing so.  Life is all we have, it is everything; helping people live a healthier, happier life is what Vita Vie Retreat is all about.

About the Retreat

The Logo is a complete representation of what the health and fitness style resort is all about – The Mandala above the business name in the logo represents life, well being, freedom and relaxation and displays all of the colors of the chakras.

Established in 2005…one of the first boot camp retreats in the United States, Vita Vie Retreat challenges people from all over the world to meet their goals.  The client-base ranges from the United States and Canada to Mexico, Equador, Chile, Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, The UK, Sweden and beyond.

It has always been about helping other people for founder, Margot Rutigliano. An expert trainer, she has been in the fitness industry for over 11 years. Margot has trained mothers, daughters, fathers, lawyers, celebrities, school teachers and everyone in between. Because of her extensive experience, she understands life, career, family and what can get in the way of meeting your health and fitness goals. She and her team aim to encourage and motivate people into adopting healthy regimens that will fit into their own lifestyles. By adopting the simple philosophies of; Your body is your ultimate tool, Moderation, not deprivation is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Relax, breathe and let go, Move every day, Get out of the gym and into the outdoors, Be able to run for your life, pull your own body weight and push your own body weight, Be kind to your body, and Be kind to your mind are almost sure ways to find positive in every day; whether on vacation at your favorite time share or tackling the every day challenges life throws our way.

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